I did a stupid

well not really a step just a big huge motherfucking different
i tidied my room
and i moved it around
and theres a huge space on the floor
and everything got dusted
except me because I can’t breathe properly and my bones are itching again
like seriously theres a huge space on my floor like a two and a half person sized space
as in someone could actually stay in my room and this is really fucking weird
i still can’t use my sleeping bag without thinking of specific times
also I’ve taken everything off my wall like actually everything
except the lights
but all the things off my door too both sides of it
the mural is gone the one with the brodie words
i do kinda need to feather dust the corner next to my pillow
and rewrite the stuff on my whiteboard now that i can see it all the time
its really annoying that the wifi is slow
i haven’t even been on youtube today
two more days though
its back on the 6th
i kind of want my window to get cleaned now
i even wrote a bot of a poem thats how weird things are
still haven’t talked to Jarrod again but if we leave it how we did then thats still ok because it was good and i cleared up what i felt bad about
the acoustics in my room have changed because all the furniture is in different places and theres not as much stuff on top of my things and my green wall is pretty much bare which is cool
there is the corner of shame though….
i need to take off the magnetic words on my whiteboard they’re messing up the vibe
theres like two things that aren’t in my room now because theres just no space to put them one is the weird cardboard thing that used to be under my window and then theres a box of stuff that will end up in the garage once I’ve emptied a box of stuff thats in there
i think I’ve got two crates in the garage and i think i will be able to get rid of one of them
I’ve been wearing my hat for a few hours and its really weird to be wearing it but now i can’t take it off because it would feel even weirder now not to have it on
i tried on mums wedding dress before and its a bit too big for me but it still mostly his and that was really weird
i didn’t like it but still it was her dress


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