i was dying
and in pain
and feeling like crap
i did start moving my room around though but not like the actual moving more like just the whole taking things off the top of shelves and putting things in drawers then taking the drawers out of the cabinets and putting them in the floor of mums room
i don’t think ill finish it tomorrow but i might end up getting to sleep earlier because of the whole not having proper wifi at the moment thing
that would be my fault though
like the whole watching three and a half seasons of my old favorite shows on youtube and then all the other youtube videos id been watching
although no one used any go the data for five days while we were in autsralia we still managed to use it all
and more that because of whatever had carried over from last month too
going to try watch stuff on my phone but not sure how thats going to go might just listen to music instead but I’m not sure
maybe find a book i want to read if that even still possible
I’ve read the good ones so many times already
maybe the meg cabot ones?
maybe something else
i need to go to the library or something
the main problem is that I’m doing my room because the wifi is useless so I’m not watching youtube and listening to music instead but because the wifi is lame i can’t use spotify and have to use my iTunes instead which sucks
anyway spent most of the time trying to get comfortable and also with to wheat bears which did help and with neurofen which mum finally bought that kinda helped as well
thats it i guess
gonna try binge


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