last day of the year
and I’ve cleared up shit with Jarrod
turns out grandma is out of hospital
mum is still spending a lot of her time with her
went next door with her cos i was telling her stuff about australia
i played guitar for a while
she’s gone for a couple more hours
rebecca has gone to hamner
i don’t really know what to say to him
im so bad at talking about things when I’m typing instead of talking
borrowed rebeccas speaker
the dude over the fence is having a party fuck him
playing grime as loud as I’m comfortable with
and its weird talking to Jarrod about this stuff
for someone who is supposedly a writer or a poet I’m really bad at writing things
its a lot of him asking questions and me telling him and then not asking him anything
i don’t know how to ask questions and i think it comes across as selfish
but no one ever really asks me about anything


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