This Year

what actually happened….?
should i start with achievement kinda things and then move into the emotional boy issues at the end? possibly
i started writing one post a day on here
and kept to it pretty well which I’m impressed with mostly i managed it because i had reminders on my phone all the time
I gave blood for the first time and got my learners licence
dyed my hair half and half purple and green for the first time
went to see Quidam the cirque du soleil show with grandma and rebecca
Brodie tried to kill himself and i went to my first open mic night at faultline even if i didn’t perform
i broke my phone the white one that i liked so much and got the green one without the front camera
applied to be a kidsline buddy and went to orana park
got in to be a buddy at kidsline and broke the stupid green thing at training and got my current phone that i love or care about deeply
quit circus
i think this was about when the whole youtube thing escalated
immy’s party was the first time i was around drunk and high people
Brodie went to america and then after the holidays i found out about him and lily
went to the steampunk festival and made my fake dreads put them in near the end of the school term
had been performing at faultline
brodie started back at unlimited and music night happened where becca and i performed then lily broke up with brodie the beginning of the holidays and then got back with gabe which is so much better and they’re great
i turned seventeen
i won monopoly against rebecca for the second time the only other time was on her birthday
dropped my phone in the toilet and got the dan and phil book
got into rising voices and performed as part of the WORD festival with the other guys and had a crazy week when everything was good like really good
Id been seeing miriam almost every week but then she left and becca started being my personal photographer
things went downhill from that week and i didn’t get placed in the slam which surprisingly brodie came to
school and classes started getting really bad leaving some of the ones i was in and becoming an unofficially part time student
had the terrifying talk with Holly where i cried loads and met Mike the amazing counsellor
then had the almost dating thing with brodie which failed obviously
the sidemen obsessions was in full swing
brodie came to faultline once to take photos and the second just to listen
i got my belly button pierced the guitar concert happened
grandma went into hospital we went to australia and i cleared things up with Jarrod
other things that i can’t remember where they fit
Jill died and we had to sort all of her stuff
the library lady from my primary school also died
i fell in love with brodie again
mum went to dunedin
sometimes i pretended i had a social life and went outside
mum started talking about getting a dog at the end of next year
i was obsessed with yu-gi-oh and the gods of egypt movie
my sleeping pattern got really bad
at the beginning of the year i had for the first time in twelve years not had a crush on a guy
i started stretching my ears
i got a longboard and then fell off it


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