on last years last year post

so this is how i ended the end of year post last year

“I want to say that I’ve learnt something from 2015 year, that theres some valuable lesson that I’ll take into this year and will make everything better but there isn’t really.
I guess if I’ve learnt anything it’s that no matter what you know, or think you know, when it comes down to it, theres only really so much your head can do to before your heart takes over and does whatever the fuck it likes even if it does mess your life up. Just pick up the pieces and make do with what’s left.”

i think i forgot that going though this year
or maybe i just felt it on a different level because i know i spent a lot more though on not trying to change things or that i can’t control things and it makes it seem like i was a hell of a lot smarter at the end of last year than i am at the end of this year and where did all that go
with everything thats happened this year with everything thats changed i have lost a lot and i don’t think i can see what I’ve gained from it
as you can see punctuation is one of the things I’ve lost
i don’t feel like i understand the world better or have learned life lessons it just that things have changed and i have changed and things will be different now


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