Day Three

i definitely have been thinking about him too much
turns out brodie messaged me on monday
none of my friends knew where i was going
im sunburnt
and didn’t get to see the echidnas
but was other things
held a baby crocodile and a koala
and patted a possum and kangaroos
I’ve decided i like being up high and that i don’t like takeaway chicken like KFC
there was a spine in it
a fucking spine
I’ve been thinking for a while that i want to go back to church
not because I’ve had a religious conversion or anything
i want to go back as a semi adult and to see all the people being together and believing and feeling all that
i believe in something it isn’t necessarily god but there is something
rebecca got a small bit of wifi
going to the markets later today
dad just went straight through the gift shops at Currumbin which was annoying like i wanna buy stuff there
I’m a tourist ok
he didn’t realise that i was just as complicated with four as rebecca is just in a different way
slightly getting worried about my piercing again
I’m going to finish the book before we go back
pity i was going to read it on the plane seeing as rebecca is going to have the window seat on the way back
I’m becoming more convinced australia isn’t really their animals feel weird and everything isn’t right and its just not real


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