Day One Of Australia

the wifi isn’t happening so I’m going to have to post all of these when i get home
the time difference is three hours earlier than at home so its almost seven now but here its only four ish
which means I’m really fucking tired because today started at 5 am
or before even
it hasn’t been terrible though
not yet
the whole plane ride i just stared out the window at everything
i feel pretty shit right now
after getting to the airport almost an hour earlier than we were supposed to we waited pretty much an hour before we got the rental car and then an hours drive to surfers paradise
we did get to get into out rooms as soon as we got there though
went to a supermarket and to a place like raeward fresh
then to a clothing place where i actually bought something
and then to a chemist so i could get the stuff for my face which i ended up getting something different but it actually means i can take it home on the plane instead of being a liquid
i do feel like crap
I’m so sick of driving and of being around rebecca and i never really like doing anything with dad because how we do things just doesnt click
apparently we’re going up the mountain tomorrow
i really don’t want to like seriously don’t want to
all i want is to sleep go on youtube eat have energy drinks and cry
and we’ve still got hours of being up
dad doesn’t get that i really can’t function in the mornings
i really don’t want to have anything to do with my family
fuck this all


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