I’m actually just trash

like really am
i don’t even know what day it is
dad came round at a bit past 12 to give me the bag for the austrailia trip and i hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet
I’ve finally washed my hair after the dreads
gonna have to remember the nose spray to take with me
haven’t played guitar in a few days gonna do that soon maybe
this feels like a really long month
like really long
I’ve thought oh I’m gonna need to do that writing down what happened this month thing again soon a couple of times but its only been like half way though the month
with the whole trash thing I’m just binge watching cartoons i used to love
and by used to i mean like last year of the year before for some of them and re watching the i still love them and I’ve missed watching them like what the actual fuck is wrong with me
grandma is going to be in hospital over christmas and i still haven’t gone i to see her
in theory I’m not allowed to because mum and uncle glen are the only two people with the whole security permission thing but rebeccas been in and whatever
started packing
and apparently i have to be up at 5am on boxing day
this will not be fun
but I’m hoping it will reset my sleeping pattern
although if i sleep normal hours it means i can avoid people for half the day
i really don’t like my family
and am getting slightly less apposed to being away for christmas and maybe birthdays if i go overseas


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