this isn’t working

there are suspicions
and i hope they’re invalid
but nothing has changed
and I’m just feeling more and more shit about this
and its highly likely any feelings are one-sided
like any and all feelings
seriously he has no feelings
and I’m not over it

on a semi related note
some thoughts about an ex getting with someone else
even if you don’t like them you don’t want someone to make them happier than you did because it makes you feel like you’re not good enough
and you don’t want them to be happy to start with because you’re fucking miserable
whoever they get with is better than you
they might not be but really THEY ARE
and you just feel shit about feeling shit because you should have moved on because he’s and asshole and you deserve better and you don’t even like him anymore really but maybe you do do you even know how to not like him why the fuck do you miss him he treated you like shit
and i just want to cry
im not dealing with this very well
and i don’t think I’m trying to
so yeah semi related


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