everything is organised

with my colour coded timetable of when i need to be places and all that shit
oh and the twitter happened…
yeah thats a thing
and my shirt is at Heathrow at the moment waiting to be picked up
DHL has their own youtube channel what its this
oh fuck i just realised how christmasified the mall will be
hopefully things will be cheaper though
i needs
that he would have to start because whats actually the point of me doing it
sometimes I’m ok and other times I’m really not
I’m going to sleep later and later like this morning was half four in the morning
i still managed to get up before mum left again at like half twelve but still I’m going to be out of bed and doing things tomorrow before I’m usually awake like ill be at the mall and with jess before i would’ve gotten out of bed
i can’t tell if the nose thing is working though
i have till wednesday to know if it will so heres hoping
i also kinda forgot that the kidsline party was happening on tuesday and i don’t want to go anymore
I’m just kinda done with them
and i really sent think ill be going back next year
still don’t want to make the final decision yet
new video from will which made me happy and of course three from simon but theres one which I’m trying to save for as long as i can and its actually difficult
for fucks sake it really doesn’t seem like he cares


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