yes or no bitch

i don’t have an answer from brodie about the movie
but i really do just want to get out of the house and away from my family
the end of the harry potter once a week movie thing is over
theres only two episodes of Victoria left
my watch later on youtube has at least a hundred videos on it
i started watching the drag race and its car crash levels of horrible
i don’t want to talk to the people who i should probably be talking to
i keep thinking yeah I’m gonna straighten my hair but the I’m like is there even a point making the effort since I’m not going out anywhere
but i do kinda soonish
and maybe tomorrow i dunno
he’s probably gonna say no last minute though
lily always asks me what the latest thing he’s done wrong has been like no stop ok i care about this dude and i don’t want to tell you if he’s done something that you would hate him for cos its not just that
this is kinda why i was avoiding talking to her
and seriously theres more to my life than whats going on with me and him
well not really not thats worth mentioning but like can we talk about something else for once
and now to spend the next five hours on youtube
and looking up lists of random facts


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