Its been almost a year but and I’m still just as bad at titles

the conversation with brodie last night was really weird like yeah….
at one point i asked if he didn’t think it would work thought i deserved ferret or didn’t want it to work and he said all three
which sucked i mean it was mostly the last one that made me feel like shit but whatever
he’s going to a psychiatrist on monday
and i want to ask if he’ll come to a movie but i guess he has good enough reasons to say no
im not trying to start anything i just want to get out of the house and see someone other than my mum or sister for once and I’ve got a couple of things i need to do at the mall anyway
i had what I’m pretty sure was a cool dream that somehow involved will_ne but i can’t really remember the details although I’m pretty sure someone got murdered or a few someones and i don’t know how that makes it a good dream but it was but it sucks that i can’t remember it
i think i should probably eat something…
and i want to talk to him but i probably shouldn’t
i started writing something but its shit but i like it kinda
just texted Olivia about the slam which i won’t be going to because I’m going to the circus thing instead
thats kinda it


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