so didn’t end up going anywhere with the people today
haven’t talked to brodie and things went a bit crap last night
have done literally nothing all day
apparently when mum woke me up at 9am when i told her to i told her to go away cos the thing wasn’t happening and i was going bak to sleep
the thing is i don’t remember that at all
i do kinda remember hearing the guy here who was fixing the sliding door that hadn’t opened for the whole 12 fucking years we’ve lived at this house
and now it opens
she said she might be talking me to the SPCA tomorrow?? i dunno she said she wanted to today but i was a bitch and went back to sleep
theres a particular part of last night that i want to forget ever happened
this is even before the shit conversations with brodie so thats saying something
i really really want a dog
theres really no point going there at the moment


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