i filled in the survey for kidsline
said i wasn’t going to the lifeline christmas party
commented on one of the posts saying where to find the details for the event that no one actually invited us to
haven’t decided if I’m going or not
said on the facebook poll of ill be doing kidsline next year or not which was actually just undecided
i even asked brodie if he wanted to do a movie in the weekend… he only said maybe….
but wasn’t straight up no
i even talked to the naylor love dudes at work
i mean i didn’t say much but it was a decent three sentences
other than that nothing
mums going to the candlelight service at the crematorium tonight and is leaving in like 15 mins which means ill be home alone to play my music as loud as i want and be able to have my door open or even maybe if I’m feeling extra brave watch youtube sitting on the couch instead of in my room with the door shut
seriously my life is really lame


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