well tonight was decent

still low-key would’ve rather hung out with brodie
but that would be impractical
he said he was trying to be less of a cunt but then didn’t know why
how do you not know why like is it not because being a cunt to people is bad because you’ve treated me like shit and should probably stop like how do you not have a reason why
maybe you should stay being an asshole though cos i already like you too much
so we went to the pizza place and it was kinda a let down
would’ve preferred like dominos or something but nope we went there instead
wondered round town taking photos and shit but like meh it was ok i guess but meh
it was nice to see them again but i kinda didn’t feel like i was part of the group most of the time
went to the new authors park which was kinda hyped up too much and we didn’t stay there long because everyone else was getting cold
then went to C1 which was also not that great because the lights were too low and it was full of hipsters and i didn’t belong
got a lift home from sarah’s dad which was a hell of a lot better than catching a bus
i did like it better when it started getting dark outside
and i just kept having thoughts like wouldn’t it be great if i was here with brodie instead but i shouldn’t think that cos like no its too complicated
hes not fucking talking to me
now i have nothing to do
still working for another two weeks i think
jess wants to do something on i think wednesday or thursday at like soyo which i said id never go there mostly cos all the fucktards went there and i hate frozen yoghurt but i have birthday presents for her…
i miss him…
fuck my life…


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