i have a bad memory

i actually don’t
i just usually get reminded by my phone to make a post so i don’t have to remember it so if i don’t see the reminder i don’t do it and also cos i do every day it kinda just blends into one
i can’t tell if brodie thinks I’m serious about drinking or not
pretty sure he just can’t figure it out
i mean if i was him i probably couldn’t either
im kinda just being an ass
I’ve got nothing better to do really its not like he’s going to start telling me he wants to fuck me or needs cuddles or asking questions so i guess my only option is to be a bitch
i mean at one point i told him that my happiest moments are either making out with him or being a bitch so yeah still true
like theres no way for me to get things back to thursday level so I’m not gonna try
found a decent new youtuber yesterday(i think? maybe like at 4am) will_ne

shut down

geordie… the voice and slang and like ugh its great he’s funny as fuck too and sure people may take the piss out of him for having a ‘flatscreen tv head’ but like no ok i can definitely appreciate his face
the italics tend to be related to conversations I’m having while writing the post ok not just a random thing or something to do with the other stuff its just being a bitch to the duck
i feel like i actually did something today
i almost said i didn’t know what it was though
i didn’t fuck up the bar chords and yeah i was shaking but thats cos I’ve lost my confidence with performing mostly cos of the last open mic night reading the terrifying poem
also singing in front of random people and too many children
god children are fucking assholes
almost went to after-hours cos my ear is fucked but didn’t cos i just wanted to go home
the halswell guys are trying to organise something tomorrow night i don’t really want to go but i haven’t seen them all together in like three years and i kinda feel like i have to
I’m probably going to hate it
i can’t breathe properly
i can smell something like the plastic crocodile and dolphin water squirter puppets that rebecca and i had as kids idont know how thats possible its just what i can smell


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