today wasn’t supposed to be like this

i was going to go to work which sucked and i hated it
mum and i are really not getting along at the moment
i don’t want to live here anymore
rebecca is home and that makes thing worse because every weekend she comes back she’s more and more of a bitch
went to lunch with dad and rebecca and i guess it didn’t go terrible
afterwards i went and got the sidemen book
which made me happy and things were ok
but rebecca was being a bitch
pretty much as soon as i got home i went with mum to hands and apparently we had an argument there and i embarrassed her but i was right i know i was she could’ve just agreed with me instead of telling me i was wrong
every conversation we have turns into an argument every single thing
went to the glasses place then had to go to a different one and then a supermarket and i hated it because it was paknsave and i hate those ones
i don’t even want to describe all the events of today like its a story it doesn’t fucking matter everything is shit
i don’t want to be here anymore
i can’t write anything either
i can’t stop crying
the one person that can help is having his own problems which also makes me feel shit
i can’t do anything right everything i say just gets taken the wrong way or comes out wrong
i don’t love my family I’m sick if my friends becca won’t stop sending me photos of her dog
i don’t want to be part of the world

I’m just done


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