my phone is almost definitely screwed

i drowned it
it turns on
which apparently I’m not supposed to try turn it on
its now in a coffin of rice waiting for the asian fairies to come and fix it
this morning was kinda shit
not knowing if i was gonna see brodie or not
in the end i did and it was actually pretty great
i didn’t really know what was gonna happen if anything but it was pretty much like the other thursday but he was being less kinky and more adorable
although a bit annoying but in a cute way… i know what i mean no one else has to
but now his brain is fucked and I’m sad
and i think I’ve killed my phone which has like everything on it
like absolutely fucking everything
kinda glad this happened in the holidays now i don’t need to leave the house much
cos now I’ve also lost a photo i took today… when he wasn’t looking and it made me really happy but now its gone
I’ve fucked up
I’ve fucked up so so bad
this sucks
everything is going wrong
why does this always happen
my notes and poems and screenshots and photos and gonna lose the streak with jess too thats not really as important to me as the other things
it will turn on but the screen just stays black like total dead black it even makes the turning on noise but the screen is just gone
everything is fucked
and i just wanna talk to brodie and everything be ok but no
everythings fucked


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