its raining and honestly thats the highlight of my day

today has been totally shit everything sucks I’m in a terrible mood and i hate everything
becca has come up with this story that she’s really sick and hasn’t been eating or drinking anything for days cos she just throws it back up and that her birth mum is sick too and is on meds and its really bad and she was in hospital and she’s going to school tomorrow but she needs to go back to hospital
like dude what the actual fuck you haven’t said like an actual name of something thats wrong with you you’re building it up to be this big thing and then saying fuck all about it but then adding on to the end of it that you can’t tell me all of it
can you see why everyone thinks you’re full of shit
nothing is making me happy right now
brodie hasn’t helped my mood either way
it just kinda feels like nothing right now
thats probably just me though


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