we aint talking

like dude where are you I’m bored
i mean you sent like three dick pics before and that was great and all but like we haven’t really talked all day
I’ve been in a shit mood
now I’m watching loads of old miniminter videos and then probably gonna end up watching the gta playlist again
like I’m really sad
told becca about it yesterday night
told jess about it earlier today
and then ended up telling my wife about it too
she was surprisingly cool about it like making jokes about how its lame we didn’t fuck but like yeah went better than i expected
nearly three hours please don’t tell me you’re being an idiot (nope just sleeping)
like last night when you got drunk with my now disowned son at the bus exchange but turned down drugs cos of me so thanks i guess
and then the seemingly endless stream of compliments and freaking me out by saying you were struggling not to try get into a relationship with me at the moment
he was being too adorable and I’m having too many feelings
except right now i miss him and I’m sad and kinda worried and there is the potential for me to get very pissed of over nothing so its probably good that its almost midnight rather than during the day when I’m around mum and rebecca
i need something to make me feel better but theres literally nothing that can right now
it sucks
it all suck
also cockrings


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