such a great memory

pretty much forgot about this and now its like three in the morning of the day after
talked to lily today not for long though
and becca for a little bit too
brodie was behaving mostly
i still ended up feeling shit at the end
then he left and yeah i dunno it just felt kinda off to me
faultline is tomorrow…
tomorrow I’m gonna read the terrifying poem
kinda figured a bit of a preface for it but i need something to read after it to make it less shit
maybe the lightning one
i fucking hate pastel colours like they can fucking die in the burning pits of hell with my little ponies and shopkins
haven’t decided if I’m wearing the heels or not even though the make me happy I’m not sure
also the piercing might be getting less irritated and it might be cos I’m trying to sleep on it different
I’m tired
i mean i would rather be talking to him but i can’t so sleep
actually I’m not sure how true that is
having a conversation when i can barely keep my eyes open isn’t really that great


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