ups and downs

guitar today was actually pretty awesome
ended up changing the song I’m doing for concert
last night though
like i don’t even know anymore
it was good then it was really bad then it was better
a lot of things got said that kinda made sense but i know i said things that i didn’t mean like it was stuff other people had said to me even stuff he’d said to me before that maybe was true but i didn’t agree with it or whatever
but i guess it ended up ok
i managed to kinda explain why i didn’t want to tell him where my piercing was
its still kinda dodgy but still hasn’t gotten worse
trying so hard to be able to ask questions and have a proper conversation now
i think kinda a big thing thats changed it like during the day I’m not so bothered if we aren’t constantly talking like as long as i know things are mostly ok i don’t mind so much
i dunno that kinda sounds bad but its not
I’m still having trouble eating things
i haven’t had a lift in ages


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