in answer to a question on a previous post probably yes
but that really has no relevance even if the 80% has switched
i dont hate the dentist as in it scared me i just hate it because I’ve had more than 20 filling in my life and i fucking hate the possibility that i might need another one at some point
which today there were three small holes that weren’t enough to fill normally so i had to have the fluoride shit on it that tastes disgusting and stays soft for ages and one of the things came off already and i hate it so much
faultline is on this friday and so far i don’t know if the duck will be there or not
its weird saying the duck after so long of not
im in quite a bit of pain right now and its not fun
the upper hole or the piercing is still slightly worrying
i want to watch a movie but i can’t think of any to watch which sucks
I’m really bored and want to go do something but i have no one to do anything with or any idea what i would want to do to begin with
i was thinking about asking becca if she wanted to hang out but maybe not
brodie would realistically be the only other option but him and his moods are so unpredictable theres not much point in asking
the poem I’m thinking of doing for faultline is actually quite scary
like terrifying especially if he comes
this is annoying we can’t even have a conversation
i hate this
i hate pretty much everything
isn’t that great

update: he will be there and id almost rather commit than read the ‘i don’t want to say’ poem but like its the only one that i have thats new other than the BB one which i might read after or ill try find something to read after so it isn’t such a horrible single poem


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