theres not really anything to say except what the hell happened with waking up this morning
i also had some really weird dreams where one was kinda like survivor crossed with wipeout and fear factor and then the other one was like a third person me watching myself be like the dark kermit meme crossed with gandalf going around a kinda historic town place like the old christchurch street at the museum but medieval era and dark as hell and i was with someone else but i can’t really remember anything else from that and there was a dog
anyway i ended up falling asleep at like 11 ish like i was trying to stay awake cos i was messaging brodie but he wasn’t replying fast enough for me to keep concentrated on what was going on so i just gave up and went to sleep and then woke up at half 6 like what the fuck
i was like nah i can just go back to bed and chill for a while before i actually properly get up and then i ended up falling asleep for another hour
and then it happened again and i woke up at 9 and then again at half 10 and then 11 then 11:30 and then finally at half 12 i got up and had no idea what was going on with the world
i can shut my door now so I’ve pretty much been on youtube all day
still having trouble with what the fuck am i going to eat though
and the too many screenshots that I’m not going to do anything with problem but whatever
i need to keep practicing my thing for concert but i keep remembering either after I’ve had a shower and then now wanting to fuck with my callouses or when i just can’t be bothered


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