i love you but i don’t like you right now

like theres an actual possibility that i don’t like him at the moment
but i know as soon as he’s nice to me again or we talk for an extended period of time ill end up liking him again
i don’t get why he messaged me at 3am cos I’m pretty sure i was offline then but maybe not i don’t know
had a bit of a rage to becca this morning I’m not sure what she said to him about it though… maybe it was last night
i don’t really know whats going on anymore
reading back on the conversations we’ve had theres pretty much nothing there like they’re kinda meaning less and the time it takes to read them is totally fucked compared to the time i know i spent waiting for him reply or to come back online or finding the right words to not make what i was saying sound a certain way or something
if it works out with us eventually that would be fucking great but at the moment I’m not too bothered if it doesn’t like not even in a I’m so pissed that I’ve wasted four years of my life with this guy and I’ve gotten nothing from it cos thats not true anyway just like maybe i don’t even want to be with him at the moment anyway
i might just end up getting the piercing on my own if i can’t sort something to go with jess an lily together… and i need to transfer some stuff with my accounts too i think
which I’ve just done seeing as i used my money to pay for my guitar lesson today
i don’t really want to do the song I’ve chosen already for the concert anymore but i can’t really change it now i just have to get really good at it soon
fucking f#m is going to make me kill myself
i have nothing to do
going in to school tomorrow to see mike


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