that post came out a lot more negative than i meant it to like sure i was having weird feelings the whole time but it wasn’t that bad really i was in a decent mood and it was alright
i thought about stuff i don’t usually think about and figured out a few things
i really didn’t mean it to seem like i didn’t want him to try and help and what i forgot to add to the ‘with mental things you can’t help people’ bit was not you can’t really help them but you can support them
kinda think thats what I’m trying to say with this
although i appreciate him trying to help its not really what i want or need
what i do need is to be able to figure things out on my own and to have support while i do
not just like someone to fall back on if things go shit and not a cheerleader that says everything i do is going to go great but like something in the middle


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