didn’t talk to him all day pretty much until like 3ish this afternoon
and he’s being really fucking weird like not asshole weird but apparently in a littleish mood like dude what are you on
and then apparently i was being mean but also acting like he usually does and he started talking about his asshole attitude in third person
i don’t even know
tried tracing some of the lok things but really wasn’t in the mood and wasn’t going how i thought iw would so i kinda gave up on it
im so sick of my mother
like seriously done
i wanna move out but i don’t have anywhere to move to and id be shit at living with people
can’t get the piercing till next week when I’ve given blood
really fucking impatient though
i was going to go out today but kinda just didn’t bother
i really don’t know whats going on with him and its kinda pissing me off


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