disappointment maybe idk?

i ended up going to school
but then mike wasn’t going to be there till 1pm and i got there at like half 10 which sucked
hung out at the cafe for a bit with lily then afterwards her and gabe
brodie was being weird again
becca messaged me some dumb shit about her and brice
he wasn’t as weird when i got home before i went to work but now afterwards i dunno
i just want to see him and i can’t so that fucking sucks
decided what song I’m doing for the end of year concert with Katrina
i don’t give a shit about the stupid american election they can all fuck off and die
i don’t know what I’m gonna eat…
or what I’m going to do tomorrow
or the day after
or the next couple of months
my life is kinda fucked
i got an annoying amount of compliments today
well kinda jay said i looked nice so did holly and mum and mike and lily and gabe kinda did but they were mostly weirded out and lily kept complaining that it was weird cos i looked like a girl but i’d changed for work and katrina just said my hair was cool today
i dunno whats going on with that i guess it was just different than normal so people noticed


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