No fuck off

you are so fucking dumb what the hell is wrong with you
im in the weird i can’t tell if i like him or not but get legitimately pissed at the dumb shit he does but would still probably fall for him if he gave me any positive attention stage
and let me tell you it is NOT A GOOD TIME
i know you want people to see that you’re fucking up your life and doing the things that people aren’t supposed to do i know you want the attention and i can’t help but notice that this tends to happen when we stop talking
in part of the conversation with Mike he said that if you and your mum are close and you don’t tend to rebel against her it seems like you do it with me instead
and i let you
but whatever I’m just writing this shit because nothing else has happened today
a year ago today like exactly a year ago today 4:15pm on skype messages we started saying i love you again
and now its over
this sucks
that its over but i still don’t feel like its actually done yet
like i dunno
im not going out tonight
thought i was going to but nah I’m just not in the mood
not this coming week but the one after might be the piercing week
this sucks


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