Some things just happen good

apparently my english is not one of them
i find it kinda funny how this time last year we were pretty much together and saying i love you and now a year later we’re over for good
it was lily’s last day today!!!
it sucked when we remembered but it kind just felt like any other day most of the time
before i left gabe told me that if anything happened with brodie and i next year i had to tell him but i was like dude nothings gonna happen with us he fucking ended it for good and he said nah just like anything but its not like he’s going to tell me though is is
saw him a couple times today one of them i pulled the finger at him like too close to his face
thing is i would have done that even if we were good so like ??????
anyway thats not the big thing from today
i saw liv on the bus and I’m so glad i did
she was crying and turns out she was going through something similar to me
she’d been with this guy for a few months the beginning was great but then he started abusing her emotionally and shit manipulating her and making her think she was crazy and it was just her anxiety when she thought he and renae (my ex best friend from year 6 who blanked me after she left and always gets everything she wants and if i liked someone she would like them too) were hooking up behind her back
they had been hooking up before him and Liv got together but renae had said it was over and she didn’t like him but that changed when they got together
she had a talk with her art teacher who had been through something worse like had been with her guy for 7 years and had a kid with him before she got out of that abusive relationship and thats why Liv broke up with him
renae said a few days later that theyd been hooking up when they’d been together
like i get it and at work i ended up writing a how the fuck to deal with bad breakups list which I’m actually pretty happy with even though it might be a little bullshit but like yeah
i can donate blood again on wednesday and on thursday might get another piercing
also want to talk to the boy
as in talk in person like i need the faultline photos and also theres shit i need to say and i want to say it in person to finally get some closure and not have the last thing i remember being me pulling the finger in his face or an awkward goodbye in the dark cos that kinda just sucks
i did have a revelation though that might be hard to explain in a way that might make sense so i won’t bother


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