Ok Bye

the problem is i don’t know where this is going to go now
like you’ve said maybe it will work at some point and then gone from that to telling me you don’t think you actually want to be with me at all
and i know I’ve just told you not to give me hope but i liked it better when i could be annoyed at you for giving me hope about something that might not work rather than you saying it won’t
and i think even if you don’t theres still like what if
you’ve never given me closure you’ve always fucking come back
and it never feels final it never feels like the end
probably cos its always me who gets left whenever you end it it never makes sense
so it does feel final to you
and it has before and i guess thats because its always your decision to end it
and you’re ok
so nice to know that you’re ok that you’re moving on
and that I’m gong to see you being ok and I’m just going to feel worse because you just don’t seem to care that much

jack has returned
shit what does this mean for the snap streak we were supposedly starting
ha bet you didn’t consider that when you said final
does final mean we’re not going to talk anymore?
that we’re not going to be friends or anything?
i can’t imagine ever saying that oh yeah its been like a week or so since I’ve talked to him
like no
we haven’t gone that long without talking in a very long time
haven’t talked to him in weeks
haven’t talked to him in like a month
i can’t imagine that like no its so sad
but yeah jack has returned


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