so the group got deleted
I’ve been posting more random shit
I’ve run out of shit that i want to watch on youtube
im not going to my guitar lesson on wednesday because I’m going to the music night instead
just chilled with becca all day pretty much
had a horrible sick feeling about amelia i don’t know why i just can’t explain it
the poem i wrote that i thought i would only be able to read to brodie i ended up reading to becca because she knows more that lily about a particular thing
i got the burn of the sun
it sucks
i miss him
it also sucks
i don’t even know whats going on
i want to have a proper conversation with him about all this stuff I’m thinking but i don’t want him to feel weird about it
I’ve kinda just stopped giving a shit about what i say to him like in the whats too weird kinda thing
i still worry about the relationship shit and whats too far like what kinda shit from that i can say but yeah other stuff is different now
i like him wearing hats its nice
im gonna die tomorrow


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