3 day weekend coming up

and what am i gonna do?
today was kinda weird
brodie really didn’t seem ok when he got to school this morning
we went to the cafe together and then to new world at lunch
I’ve realised he’s only really nice to me when we’re walking to or from the supermarket
at the end of the day i sent a really i dunno risky? message about what my brain had been screwing me over with all day
the problem is
i don’t know if i wrote this on here or in the book
is that when I’m not around him everything is all over the place and i can’t concentrate on my feelings and its shit
and when i am with him everything gets like put into focus or something and then the shit feelings become clearer and it sucks
kinda the weird thing of he makes me feel shit but talking to him makes me feel better and its an endless circle
none of this makes sense
spent a while in the afternoon on Photo Booth with lily
and then on the bus nathan actually talked to me kinda properly for once
rebecca is back tonight


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