Apparently This Is My 601st Post

and somehow i think that is a bad thing
i actually finished a poem for once in my life
while waiting in the car for pizza
i ate a whole pizza
am i sorry?
i feel sick
i don’t even know what to say about today
i wanted food so i got lily gabe and jess to go to the cafe with me because they wouldn’t have gone to new world with me because it was raining
and i figured there was no point asking brodie to go with me cos the last three times id asked it didn’t happen
then i got back from the cafe feeling kinda shit actually and then turned out brodie had gone to the supermarket
life hates me
in the morning he came in and asked if i wanted to see his photography folio cos he’d finished it so i did
i don’t really get photography like you can take a photo of something that looks cool and yeah so what
like i know all the technical shit matters but like meh whatever
and weird shit he asked if i was ok and i said nope and he gave me an awkward hug
i went back into s5 and started crying a little
the rest of the day he was kinda a dick
we were both bored but he was looking at random stuff on his laptop and i felt shit
and i was feeling especially shit because when i around him i can for some reason think straight which meant the shitty feelings were actually focused and worse
then cathro came and they went off and were idiots and not long after they came back i left
feeling like utter crap
but then walking in the rain to the bus stop i was in a weirdly good mood
and i think there might be something wrong with me
i really liked the rain
twas nice


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