We’ve been shipped

pretty much all this post is going to be is him
but like he’s pretty important i guess….
start at the beginning
last night… so i was in a mood i hadn’t been in for a long while and was dancing around the house for a few hours to a particular playlist that doesn’t actually exist
and almost
managed to write something
and he fucking beat my score on the pancake game
this morning he didn’t get to school til break
and was high
cos codine
and i was kinda worried
we were at the cafe till class and then at lunch we went to new world and it was nice
not that it felt like it used to
i don’t think it ever will
but like we held hands for a bit and it was weird but good and weird…
then when we were walking back into school this guy pulled up next to us and was like hey i live around here and I’ve seen you guys together quite a bit and you’re a cute couple and keep doing what you’re doing
it was pretty awkward because you know we’re not a couple
but it was kinda cool at the same time
in green i did nothing and he looked at pictures of cats
on the bus to kidsline shift it was great
on the balcony was kinda weird for a bit
and yeah i know i was being needy and clingy but like id missed him
and i probably like him too much for what this is at the moment
when i was at my shift he texted me a couple times saying he wasn’t sure about shit
lily had messaged me saying she can see that I’m happy at the moment and its cute and funny
and now I’m at home messaging him asking if he wants to give this weird shit a break
i mean i don’t want to
but if he needs to thats ok
so yeah thats whats happening
its sad
but yeah


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