is it a theoretical plan is it not i don’t know i don’t know anything everything is fucked
except me
but who know right everything might change the wold might explode
i might get lost trying to find the main road and end up dead in a ditch before i even leave my street
which would be kinda an achievement because there aren’t even any ditches nearby but whatever
mum and i went out places again today and it was weird
i tried getting eyeliner at two different places with the same shop but like its just not there
i might have to go to the one by school again as soon as possible to try get the same one there again but i don’t think thats going to happen
also went and did an hour and a half at work today because mum couldn’t do some of the things by herself
as far as mum knows I’m possibly going to ricc tomorrow to kmart or something because i wanna be an independent kid but possibly going to his place
who knows if its actually gonna happen


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