What Even Was Today?

i thought i was going to do something productive today but then like nah it didn’t happen
like you know how its the holidays and you bring home stuff from school and say you’re going to do stuff and like be productive and do the things and then you get to the last weekend and you actually did nothing
yeh thats going to be me
i do want to do the painting thing though
but i don’t want to use up all of my white paint on it
and i’ll have to mix a hell of a lot of green so yeahhhhh….. i might just gesso it instead rather than using white paint or just buy some really cheap shit paint at the warehouse or something
I’ve done nothing for my polio next year but whatever
i don’t really care about doing much at the moment
actually that a lie theres one thing i care about doing
i make great jokes….
but kinda
ex peoples
but not really
but what even is this?
also what the fuck have you been doing all day and I’m sorry i fell asleep
aside from the joke the only thing i can think of that i want to do is go see that movie
and also person
mostly the person
what is my thoughts right now
my throat hurts
damn this sickness
at least i can mostly breathe properly at the moment
rebecca left
I’m going to have to work at some point next week
i dont wanna


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