My Mind Got Fucked

i really don’t want to say anything about last night like seriously that was a whole lot of shit that i don’t want to remember
all that i got from it was a few lines of what may turn into a poem at some point
but probably not
on the note of my mind getting screwed…
theres a whole lot of things that i want to say but shouldn’t and I’ve been feeling weird for a few hours ish and DONT BE A HOE PLEASE DONT BE A HOE
I’m scared
and i don’t trust other people
and thanks for reading my mind and i am so fucking confused
thanks for telling me what I’m thinking thats really what i need right now and I’m not pissed at you im just really really sad about everything and I’m gonna run away and ignore all my problems and not talk to anyone and seriously you think you have to tell me that us isn’t a good idea?
i know that but I’ve kinda just stopped caring
and honestly i don’t even want us like it used to be I’m just so sick of being alone i just want something with someone and to stop feeling like I’m never fucking good enough
this is stupid
life is horrible and everything is pointless and koalas only spend 1% of their lives looking for a mate and they just wander around and if they don’t find one they just go back to sleep and i feel like thats some kind of life lesson
i don’t see how being a hoe will get you to where you want to be and i really just need to fuck off and die far away from you and all of my problems


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