What Even Was Today

i don’t remember this morning
i talked to brodies mum at the woman’s expo and it was weird
my choices of the poems I’m going to do tomorrow have been kinda fucked cos they liked the questions one so much
so maybe ill do that first
or second
and the whatever we had one first or second
and the dont bother one ill leave till last if i even get into the third round
which i doubt
noah isn’t even a thing anymore
why i thought it was I’m not sure
probably cos he was nice to me for a bit and cos i didn’t have the others to talk to it just ended up fucking with my brain
i want food
but also not
and I’m watching bridge to terabithia
because why not
i had food
and now I’m gonna keep watching the movie….
that is all
i guess
I’m tired
but i already know I’m going to stay up too late tonight
also when you’ve managed to trick your uterus into thinking you don’t need it anymore DONT FUCKING REMIND IT THE DAY BEFORE YOU Need to do something important


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