she caught up to me
we had a good talk walking around the uni and everywhere this morning cos gabe wasn’t there and we talked about that stuff and yeah we’re even and also i was saying stuff about not being into all the things and i would just do it to make the other person happy not cos I’m like yeah fuck me and it got to the point where it was just kinda like ‘oh wait i think I’m asexual’ and yeah that was fine
i did some of the mad libs write a song and short story blurb things with people at school and they actually thought they were cool
brodie showed me the beginning of a thing he’d written but i didn’t really get to read it cos i was doing the mad libs thing instead
i managed to fit the we loved so loudly one onto the end of the don’t ask you don’t want to know poem and it kinda works
i read some of my things to olivia and she loved them and she read hers which she didn’t think were good and i thought they were awesome and yeah…
and now I’m pretty much gonna watch a whole load more youtube and obsess from a great distance because ENGLAND


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