How should I confess my undying love for Nathan Rogers?

ok so yeah that awkward moment when the guys from st thomas’s are vaping next to you on the bus
brodie wasn’t at school today and neither was jess
but i was talking to him which i mean it wasn’t as good as being in person but whatever
i was with lily for a bit which was great like it was our anniversary
but like the rest of the time i was around her gabe was there and he’s either ignoring me or giving me shit about brodie and stopping me talking to lily which sucks to be honest
so the bus
i was sitting in my normal place whatever…
the guys got on and one of them yelled at me something about nathan and then he got on at the next stop… he was being weird saying that he could see in my eyes that i wanted to him that i wanted to hook up with him and all that shit and then just being him really and asking my why wouldn’t i want to get with him and i said something like because i have other better people to be concerned with
his friend was making blowjob gestures a few seats away which i just found funny
like he’s fucking year 10
i mean dude fuck off also you guys were going why don’t you wear a uniform you at hagley? uni ara? drop out like really wanting to know where i was at school
so yeah i didn’t hate it to be honest though it was just kinda funny
and then i almost wrote a poem about it
work wasn’t great but whatever
i dunno things are just weird at the moment


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