RV Showcase

aka fangirling part three
we high fived better today
technically it was a low five but whatever
it was better than last time
i want to write this before i forget but I’m so happy and i don’t want to be sitting down and writing stuff i want to fly and scream and run and do all the things that are impossible because right now how could they be because i am so high on the poetry drugs right now
so we picked up Olivia and all was good
arrived at the place and it was cool but the chairs were really close to the mic and i asked if they could maybe move them back a bit and they did which was awesome
everything tastes like poetry
life is good
remember these moments when you don’t believe that because you are doing things and they are good things that are awesome and you’re doing them with great people particularly one person but whatever shut up
we sat on a bench and were being kinda crazy but then the One who was sitting on the bench next to me moved and then we moved to a different place to sit when the stuff started
matt was first and did three poems one that i don’t thing id heard before the stairs one which was the first one i had ever heard him read which he did way better than months ago when i first heard it and then he did the burger fuel poem which was still amazing
i was second which was good and i did the finn poem because id accidentally memorised it at some point and i prefaced it by saying you know that thing that happens when you’re in a group of people and you kinda pick oe and quietly obsess over them from a distance
and people actually nodded and stuff surprisingly so i said something like ok so its not just me then which I’m glad it isn’t and then i read the finn poem
and i read the little thing about fishing and dedicated it to Olivia cos it was her birthday and yeah they thought it was funny
jake was next and read his rat poem which I’m so glad he did cos its great and then the two choices one
Troy went after him and said that he’d suggested that jake read the rat one cos it makes him stupidly happy when he hears it cos he was about to make himself really sad and read the salt water one then he said about the joke he’d done at faultline and how he couldn’t see peoples reactions to it when he had done it there so he did it again and it was fucking funny just as before but yeah and read the one which i really like the first line of “my thoughts are swimming… maybe drowning” that ends in the awkward silence and had the gun thing with the shattered fragments of my mind bit
i kinda feel bad when he reads stuff cos its sad and shitty and i feel like crying but its so good and he does it so well that i can’t help smiling in it its kinda awkward
then there were the adults… not that we aren’t adults but like the ‘professionals’ who have been recognised for what they’ve done
after it i didn’t want to eave and Olivia felt the same like we didn’t want to break the poetry bubble and people said i did well which was nice matt said id improved with my confidence since the first faultline i was at and that was nice
and we talked with jake and it was cool and Troy came up after —-
—- and held out his hands to me and matt (palm tatts?) and yeah talked a little bit then we all fucked off and have to wait till next weekend and
FAULTLINE DOESNT HAPPEN OFTEN ENOUGH and we need to make our own poetry thing where we can all hang out and shit cos i mean its nice and all dong it for the poetry but we’re making friends with those people too and its gonna suck only seeing them once a month after RV is over
oh and it was kinda awkward how we ended up following Troy back to up like cashmere hill after it
and we dropped Olivia off and went home and now I’ve had this rant and calmed down a bit and shit is still good


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