The Podium Of Power

i got on a bit of a power high today which was actually pretty awesome really
that concrete thing next to the stairs by the auditorium yeah thats where i stood most of the time and then Jasmine stood when we were doing the poetry thing in green
AND HOLY SHIT OK SO i found out that she does circus
like the same circus class that i did
like the exact same one with karla and everyone and CALVIN LIKE HOLY FUCKING SHIT
im not suddenly going on a bender i swear
not because i was actually kinda productive in class today or kinda did what ii was supposed to but yeah…
also jess and i did kinda a truth or dare thing which kinda just because questions because neither of us were picking dares and it was actually pretty cool she found out stuff that id never told her she told me some random things and yeah it was nice
overall today was pretty good
brodie messaged me for no obvious reason just saying that he noticed i got facebook back
considering id had it back since friday night or something and i wouldn’t have thought he would have noticed either way I’m kinda weirded out and i don’t know why but i just kinda got mad about it like why the fuck i don’t get it what the hell was that for and i honestly had no idea what to reply so i kinda just didn’t
like i could’ve said something like yeah i did but that would be pointless cos its fucking obvious or i dunno something but yeah i didn’t want to end up getting into the why of me taking my account down in the first place which i haven’t really tried to explain to anyone anyway
but tonight is lucifer and tomorrow is jericho and wednesday is csi cyber and guitar so nothing bad should happen yet at least I’m hoping


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