today was the first workshop and it wasn’t bad i don’t really know what i was expecting to happen but yeah it was actually pretty good i knew all the people from faultline and maybe kinda picked a favorite
shut the fuck up ok
we introduced ourselves by saying the history of our names and what poetry means for us and then when or why we started writing in the first place and it was nicer to hear than than just I’m me and i do this and i found out more about the people there
we did a writing exercise about where we were from which was actually kinda cool and i like the poem i wrote with it and I’m gonna get the green people to do it
i just wrote three entire pages about i can’t even really remember what it was about
it was part of the homework for rising voices
im not so into hearing other peoples opinions on poems
not like in a my opinion is the only one that matters i just don’t like justifying things
i don’t like saying why i like something why i think its good can’t i just like it for how it is i don’t want to hear peoples poem opinions i just don’t
one word troy
be brave be strong be everything your name hints that you could be
but that doesn’t matter
what I’m saying doesn’t matter cos I’m weird


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