so i had a kidsline shift today and at the beginning they were like (monica the new supervisor) how would you rate your day on a scale of one to ten and i was like three
my thing was with brooke which wasn’t as bad as i had anticipated it being so yeahhhh…..
we did some practice calls like we went into a different room and then called the phone in the shift room and we pretended to be a caller
after that we went though some of the tech stuff like salesforce and chatter and then did a call each relating to confidentiality
the last call we did was transferring to a supervisor as a high risk call
this was where i had kinda a problem cos the whole “I’ve had enough with life i don’t have anyone to talk to no one cares’ thing was too familiar and kinda hit a nerve
it was kinda good to be looking at it from like i can actually do something about this kinda thing and I’m not really me I’m this person who can get them actual help and stuff so yeah but still it was shit and i left and made a cup of tea which was nice
and at least ill know what I’m doing next time when I’m there with finn (finn finn FINN FINNFINNFINNFINNFINNFINNFINNFINN!!!!!!) and lauren
holy shit I’m insane
talked to lily and becca and then just becca other than that pretty much nothing else happened


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