I Have Weird Thoughts

nothing really happened today at school like seriously nothing
but i did finish the poem that i wanted to do for rising voices audition i think the youre a dick but i still like you one… yeah i dunno its kinda ok i guess
and then i wrote one about billy
yep another poem for another guy I’ve never really spoken to
it wasn’t terrible actually
and anyway
the weird thought
so in the last episode of archer vice lana tells archer that the baby is actually his cos she had wanted a kid but she was single and he was a physically fine human and whatever and i was like something like that seems like the kind of random thing that would happen with brodie and i in the future like hey we’re friends could i like borrow some of your goop to spawn with
like not that it would considering i don’t really want kids but like meh its a weird though as i said
i don’t really have anything else to say at the moment
except that yesterday and today i drove in the dark it wasn’t fun and yeahhhhhhh it was fine though i guess


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