Cos Who Doesn’t Want A Mental Slideshow Of Their Ex’s Dick


Today I Talked For More Than An Hour About Dicks
and i was great
and lily now knows everything
and i know everything in return… sorry
it was seriously one of the most awesome and enjoyable and just great positively emotional conversations I’ve ever had
i mean it didn’t start off that way cos to begin with i was having a mental breakdown about the fact that (IM NOT GONNA SAY IT BECAUSE FUCK ITS BAD) and lily was lust like embrace it
and yeah i kinda did
and then its gonna make things more complicated in a way but also less in another
but before i go into the big rant about what lily and i got up to in blue block today…. faultline
it didn’t go bad it just didn’t go as well as the time i read the finn one
so the thing
so talking about feelings turned into talking about other kinda of feelings and then ended up with lily and i telling each other everything that had happened not just with brodie but with gabe and jarrod too which I’ve never talked about that with anyone because no one else has actually been there except now lily has (not as much but like close whatever) and now we know everything
she’s the only one who knows everything
i know he wouldn’t want her to know but regardless of her being his ex i would have ended up telling her anyway
but like it made it feel less weird like less of a bad thing that you can’t ever talk about which was actually kinda a relief
lily and i have been married for 10 months and 27 days
ok random things
going through my head
they shouldn’t be there
this should have been over years ago
but i just can’t apparently


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