Today was shit

like i mean it wasn’t too bad but just like right now I’m in a really terrible mood and i don’t really know why its just like i can’t listen to anything like sounds that other people are making right now like i don’t want to hear the fan going in the bathroom or mum breathing in the kitchen or talking to me or anything its just really pissing me off right now and i can’t stand it
this is why i need to go talk to miriam regularly
this is what happened all the time before i went to see her every week i haven’t seen her in almost three weeks
tomorrow I’m seeing her though i hope like i really really hope
and brodie said he would be back tomorrow too
i ended up telling jess the thing too but like i don’t even know
and i was like are you sure theres nothing with you and brodie and she said cos of me and lily it wouldn’t happen so yeah she said it was nothing
the writing thing wasn’t so bad really i met jasmine the girl who emailed me back and she was cool and she lives in a tiny house
yeah…. its faultline tomorrow night and I’m hungry but i can’t find anything to eat and i just feel pretty shit overall
I’m just done


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