Today was shit

not like really really bad but like lots of little bad things that just added up to having a shit day
i finished the puzzle that i was doing which sucked cos now i have nothing to do that isn’t on my laptop
this kinda sucks more now that the wifi has gone slow again cos the high speed data just ran out which adds the the shittyness of today
i washed me sheets which isn’t really a bad thing except for the fact that i hate making my bed like ii just can’t do it thats why i put off doing my sheets for so long i just didn’t want to have to put them back on my bed and i know that is a totally pathetic thing to say and I’m not bing lazy but ever since getting a new mattress months ago I’ve avoided making my bed for as long as possible meaning I’ve only done it a handful of times
i have a fuck ton of blanket i just realised
like i already knew that but i only just realised how many… i have a duvet at my top sheet which counts as one blanket i guess and then i have six other blankets that go on my bed i have seven blankets on my bed thats insane
at the moment all of hem are on my floor with the pile of clothes that sits on the end of my bed and my pillows are the only thing on my be i just can’t put it all back together
the first time i had to make my bed after getting the new mattress i cried
i cried because i had to make my bed
im a mess


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