Since When Were You Gay? (weird dream)

yeah so i had a dream that brodie was gay
or bi or whatever
for some reason we were at halswell school like before earthquake set up and he had a boyfriend
he wasn’t a real person just some dude my dream had made up like i didn’t recognise him and i saw them kissing and whatever
and i think i thought about running across the courts screaming “IM BISEXUAL” but i didn’t actually do it
there isn’t much else i can remember from that dream except we’d been sitting under the tree that was outside room 19/20 next to the library courtyard and the chess board pavers and i was really glad that he was there like i had been worried he wouldn’t be or i was happy that he was back from something and i hugged his legs? i dunno its hard to explain but yeah and i don’t think he found it weird and then he got up and went to his boyfriend
i could not imagine him ever evolving his sexuality at all it just doesn’t fit
but yeah that was my dream
I’ve been watching csi all day and doing a puzzle that pretty much looked like a kids one with a cartoon scene of egypt on it and after id done it mum was going to take it to school for the after school care kids but then looking at it more there were a lot of boobs everywhere like there was like a secret pg rating on that puzzle
but yep thats it


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